I have a medical condition called  atrial fibrillation, where the heart has an irregular beat. This may lead to the formation of clots and increase the risk of strokes. Normally it is treated with blood thinning medications. I have taken warafin for many years. Although effective it is a somewhat dangerous drug. It has many interactions with other medications and it is also necessary to have regular INR tests to check for the level in the blood. Monitoring is necessary to ensure the blood thinning is neither too high nor too low. Both can lead to serious situations.

A new drug called apixapan is now available. Tests have shown it to be as effective as warfarin, has few side effects, and is safer. However the main advantage is that INR testing is no longer necessary.

When I was in Australia my cardiologist, David Colquhon, changed my medication from warfarin to apixaban. It is great to be off warfarin.


Brisbane River Bridges

Well here I am in Brisbane. When I arrived on the 7th of September, my luggage didn’t. It was located in  Stockholm, Sweden. It was delivered to my house two days later. Unfortunately I had packed medication in my suitcase. Apart from the hassle of getting an emergency supply, it didn’t cause me a serious problem.

I have been to the GP, Dermatologist, Specialist Physician, and Dentist, receiving good reports from them all. Only the cardiologist to go on the 22nd of October.

Next week I will apply for a new Thai visa.

Glennis Looking at Souvenirs

My sister, Glennis, arrived from Canada on the 16th of October. The other day we visited South Bank Parklands. The parkland, on the transformed site of Brisbane’s World Expo 88, was officially opened to the public on 20 June 1992 and is popular with local families and tourists.

We had potato wedges and New Zealand ice-cream for lunch and shared the eating area with ibis birds.

The Brisbane Arbor is a beautiful trellis of bogainvillea..A feature of the parklands is a salt water beach and swimming area with a city backdrop

 Today we are visiting an 88 year old aunt living in Sunny Cove Retirement Home in Stafford and another 88 year old aunt  in the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim awaiting surgery by an orthopedic surgeon for a broken arm.

Sharing Lunch with Ibis

Sharing Lunch with Ibis



The Brisbane Arbor at Southbank

Streets Beach at Southbank


Returning to Oz

I will be returning to Australia for routine matters on Sunday 06 October and returning about 29 October. Therefore there wil be little or no posting activity while I am away from Chiang Mai.

My home city is Brisbane in the state of Queeensland.