Hopping Down to Oz

I leave for Oz for routine matters on Monday 6 April. I’ll be back in Chiang Mai about Mid May, so there will be little, if any posts, while I’m away.

Happy Easter!

Fruits of Thailand- Marian Plum

Marian Plum

Marian plums are in season. These delicious fruit are quite small, with a taste similar to a mango, but a degree of tartness. They are the same shape as a mango and contain a seed. It is best to peel them before eating although the skin is edible.


As well they are good for you!

2 kg for 100 baht

Toy just arrived home from the Chiang Mai Gate market where he bought 2 kg for 100 baht (a bit over A$3).

Holiday – Part Four


Near Railay Beach

Aonang Princess Ferry

Days 5 & 6

We checked out of the P.P. Casita bungalows at 11 o’clock, wandered about, and had lunch ready to catch the 3:30 pmĀ  ferry back to the mainland.

On the way we picked up passengers again at Railay Beach.

We checked in again at the comfortable Aonang Smile Hotel in Aonang Beach after a complimentary transfer from the pier.

Wangsai Seafood - Right on the Beach at Sunset

Our last seafood dinner was at a popular beach restaurant, Wangsai Seafood. We ordered Nam Prik Kung (Chilli Prawns), Boiled Sea Bass and Garlic Tiger Prawns. Unfortunalely the lobster thermidor was finished.

Nam Prik Kung (Chili Prawn) & Boiled Sea Bass

Garlic Tiger Prawns

Entrance to the Aonang Princeville Resort

Next morning we had a buffett breakfast at Aonang Princeville Resort Great omelets at the egg station!

Aonang Beach

We then wandered along the beach with the wall to wall massage shacks and saw the monkeys on the beach.

Our shuttle van to the Krabi airport arrived so we checked out out of the hotel and were on our way home for the 2 hour flight to Chiang Mai.

I’ve decided I like holidays.






Mr. Chans Massage Shack

Monkeys at the Beach

Monkeys on the Beach

Holiday – Part Three

Breakfast by the Pool

Day Four

After our buffet breakfast in the restaurant by the pool, we decided to tackle the steep climb to the island view point.

The Start of the Climb

It was already hot and we had been warned that there were many steps. So with hat and sunscreen, off we went!

About Half Way

A Breather Before More Steps

About half way up we got our first glimpse of the vista to come.

The Pay Station

Eventually we reached the pay station, 20 baht (A 60 cents), but it was still a long way to the summit.

Cashew Apples on the Ground wth Nuts Attached

As we approached the top of the climb we passed through a grove of cashew nut trees. I’m not sure it it was a plantation as the trees. were spaced randomly. It almost looked as though they were self sown. Anyway the trees had cashew apples with the seed pods attached. Many had fallen to the ground.

The View Point

At last we reached the view point. I was exhausted but we were rewarded with a magnificant view. Koh Phi Phi Don is made up of two elongated islands joined together by a narrow isthmus All the development is on this narrow strip.

After our strenuous efforts we thought that a massage would be appropriate to restore our energy levels.

Squid & BarBQue Galic Mackerel

BarBQue Cobia with Sweet & Sour Sauce

And of course we ended the day with anther seafood dinner!

































Holiday – Part Two

Our Boat & Driver

Day Three

We were up early for breakfast and to go on a long tail boat tour. We had booked a boat the previous day for six hours. We wanted to leave at 7:30am before it got too hot. My insulin was packed with freezer blocks in a cool box!

The Area is a National Park

Outdoor Facilities

Our first stop was Maya Bay. I had to pay a 200 baht national park fee. Thais are free. Usually I get away with the fee because I have a Thai drivng licence, but the collector would not back off! It is a beautiful area overrun with day trippers. Facilities and toilets are good. There are more modern toilets than the one in the picture!

Tsunami Reminder

Great Views

There are good sandy walking tracks and great views. Tsunami reminders were about. This whole area was severely damaged in 2005.

We made many more stops at scenic spots as we motored around. At one stage the driver trolled a plastic lure and caught a fish, a type of tuna I think.

Well back at Phi Phi Don, we escaped the heat in our air conditioned bungalow and rested up for our next seafood dinner.


The Driver Catches a Fish!


Toy in the Water


Another Great View

Monkey Beach


Another Boat


Holiday – Part One

Day One

Arrival at Krabi Airport

We started our holiday by flying direct from Chiang Mai to Krabi with Air Asia. On arrival, we were met by our car driver to take us to Aonang Beach (about 25 km). We checked into the Aonang Smile Hotel.

Krua Thara seafood restaurant

In the evening we dined at Krua Thara seafood restaurant near Noppara Thara beach. We especially selected it because of it’s good reviews. We were a bit disappointed. It was very, very, busy, the service indifferent, but the food was good!

AoNang Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Driver & Son

Tuk Tuk’s in Aonang are converted motor bikes. Our driver bought his son to work!

Toy had oysters and raw sand crab. I had buttered lobster and garlic. It was the first of many seafood dinners we had during our holiday.



Large Oysters


Inside the Restaurant



Fresh Fish Selection

Live Lobster Tank

Raw Sand Crab


Dead Lobster!











Day Two

Our Taxi to the Pier

Aonang Princess

Transfer to Railay Beach

We caught the Aonang Princess Ferry at Nopparat Thara Pier for the trip to Phi Phi Don island. Along the way we dropped passengers for Railay Beach. Although on the mainland, Railay Beach cannot be reached by road and all guests are transferred by boat.The trip to Phi Phi is about two hours.

The Pier at Dusk

The Wooden Walkways and Beautiful Gardens at P.P. Casita

We were met at Tonsai Pier by a representative from P.P. Casita Resort who transported our bags by trolley and led us to the hotel.

The Beach

We had lunch at the beach (banana pancake). It was so hot we retired to our air-conditioned room!

Chao Koh Menu

Well another evening, another seafood meal! We went to a restaurant on the seafront near the pier.










Chao Koh Restaurant




Fresh Seafood Selection







Raw Prawn Salad & Prawn Cutlets