Rimping in the Park

Last night we visited the Farmers Market at Rimping in the Park at the Promenada Shopping Mall. Tickets were 200 baht (A$7.35) each which included free food and soft drinks, 3 coupons for alcohol drinks and live entertainment. We arrived ai 5 pm and it was already fairly crowded.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Chiang Mai Home for Boys. The function wll be held over two consecutive nights.

Over 200 vendors provided the food. I think the best value 200 baht that I have spent in Chiang Mai.

Once again Rimping showed whwtever they do, they do well.


Food Tasting

Food Tasting

Listening to the Music

Live Music


Toy Inspecting the Livestock

Thai Sweets

Chocolate Fountain with Fruit

Toy's Panorama 1

Toy's Panorama 2


[Ka-fe-vi-no] Kafe Vino Restaurant

Ka-fe Vi-no During the Day

Last night we ate at [Ka-fe-vi-no] kafevino, located opposite the Maya Shoping Mall, in Think Park, a few doors from the popular Tom N Tom coffee. It certainly will not be the last time!. Prices for wine and food were reasonable and of good quality. There were Thai and western dishes available. House wine was 89 baht a glass and 199 baht for a 500 ml carafe.

There was a choice of eating inside in air conditioning or outside. The mild weather made eating outside very pleasant. A bonus is that it is in easy distance of the apartment.

Toy ordered a raw prawn (yuk!) thai salad  and chicken teriyiki . He declared both delicious. I ordered prawn bags and fish and chips. Both were fine.

It was American Thanksgiving Day. The two guys in the photo below (wearing hats) in drag, were in a group of Aussies enjoying themselves and were a bit drunk!

Fish & Chips


Raw Prawn Thai Salad

Chicken Teriyiki

Prawn Bags

Ka-fe Vi-no

City Life 7th Annual Garden Fair

Instead of the usual General Meeting at Le Méridien,  Chiang Mai Expat members, were encouraged to join  sponsors and OGAs  at the Citylife Garden Fair at JJ Market.

City Life donated proceeds towards The Foundation for Developing and Supporting Children (FDSC) which focuses on educational, social and humanitarian development, and are dedicated to making a difference today, for tomorrow, in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Northern Thailand and Skills for Life, a follow up foundation to the longstanding School for Life, which offers vocational training and scholarship as well as support for housing, cost of living and food expenses to the disadvantaged youth in the city.

CEC Sponsor, JJ Market is located just north of the Old City, near the Kam Thieng flower market. JJ Market is located on both sides of Atsadathon Rd. The Garden Fair is on the east side, in JJ Hobby Market. There was parking in both portions of JJ Market.

CEC had a booth for all OGAs to recruit new members. The Landscape Gardening OGA sold plants from their gardens. There were 160 stalls with food, entertainment, handicrafts, Christmas items and auctions & games to raise funds for charity.  In addition nearly 400,000 baht of prizes were donated for auctions and drawings, including 16 return tickets from Bangkok Airways, hotel nights, hot air balloon rides, restaurants vouchers and spas, vouchers from hotels such as Dhara Dhevi, Le Meridien, Rachamankha, 137 Pillars House, Central Duang Tawan and more, as well as jewelry and tickets to local tourist attractions such as Jungle Flight and Flight of theGibbon.

It was an enjoyable morning. I won a 300 baht voucher for the Steak of the Day restaurant in Mae Rim, in the tombola draw. We had salmon khoy soi from Le Meridian hotel for lunch followed by a coconut pie.

I forgot to take my camera. Here are some pics by Steve at CityNow!



The Southern Cross

Southern Cross

Australian Flag

New Zealand Flag

The Southern Cross is a constelltion visible only in the southern hemisphere. It is well known to all Australians and New Zealanders. It features on the flag of both nations, but there are subtle differences. Australia and New Zealand are countries that were previously under the British rule and therefore, it is no wonder their two national flags are quite similar in many ways.

The Australia flag has an extra star. It is the Commonwealth or Federaton star. The stars on the Australian flag are all white and consist of four seven pointed stars and one small five pointed star on a blue background while the stars on The New Zealand flag are four five-pointed red stars with a white borders on a blue background. Both flags have the Union Jack, reflecting that both were once British colonies

The Southern Cross was the name of the aeroplane which Kingsford Smith used in the first ever trans-Pacific flight to Australia from the mainland United States, about 7,250 miles (11,670 km).

It is now housed in a special Kingsord Smith Memorial hanger near the Brisbane airport.

Dining Out Group – Arbusto

Our Group Outside the Restaurant

Last night the Dinng Out Group ate at Arbusto Italian House and Thai Kitchen restaurant. Yes another Italian restaurant! Fifteen of us enjoyed the experience.

The restaurant is locaed in the Doi Saket district, so it is a long way out of town. It consists of a small bar area and is pleasantly decorated. Maybe it was the low ceiling, but conversation was difficult and it seemed very noisy. Service was fairly slow but pleasant and there were no mixups with orders. There was no corkage charge for wine.

Toy ordered a spicy banana flower salad and fried squid with salad and salted egg. He had finished before my order of cod, chips and salad arrived. He hought his dishes were OK, but my cod was a bit tastless and the chips were soggy. It certainly was not worth the long drive from town. Paul ordered fried calamari, which I tried. It was tender and delicious.

Another enjoyable and successful Dining Out Functon.

Spicy Banana Flower Salad

Cod, Chips, and Salad

Paul's Ceaser Salad

Carol & Avril

Our Table

BK Car Wash

Yesterday we had the car washed. We always go to the same place, BK Car Wash, because they do such a great job. It is located in a laneway off Huay Kaew Road, almost opposite The Pub.

A hand car wash is quite cheap, 160 baht (A$5.72). Yesterday when we arrived, the boss said they had a promotion, an engne clean for 250 baht (A$ 8.95) so we had that too. We also complained that a floor mat was missing after the last wash. He replaced it with a mat of better quallity!

After the wash, the car looked like it came straight from the Toyota showroom, and smelt good too.

An extra benefit s that every seventh wash is free!

Happy Birthday Wanda

Wanda, (thanks for the photo, Ken)

This is Wanda, who is a friend of my Canadian friend. Don. She is Canadian also. Wanda and her friend, Linda, are in town, after a holiday in Vietnam. They are fun people.

Yesterday was her birthday, so she treated us all to dinner at Billy’s Italian restaurant. (yes another Italian Restaurant!)

When we arrived cheese and olives were already on the table. We ordered bruschetta for starters.

Mushroom Soup

I ordered mushroom soup as a main course, which is a meal in itself! Full of chopped mushrooms. Yum.


For desert I had pannacotta. Yum again.

Thank you for your hospitality, Wanda. We hope you had a Happy Birthday.


Our Group









Don & Wanda



























Travel Club – Marbella, Spain.

Marbella is a city and municipality in southern Spain, belonging to the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Last night at the Travel Club meeting at Sangdee Gallery, Joan Amabile, gave a presentation on the city which is situated on the Costa del Sol of Spain. It is an  international tourist attraction, due mainly to its climate and tourist infrastructure.

Joan gave a slick power point presentation on the history and culture of the area. Amomg other things, it is famous for dance, the flamenco and the tango.

Joan’s passion is the tango and she went there for dance lessons.

Marbella means “beautiful sea” and is nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the barren mountains behind The population is about 150,000. Despite it’s international flavour, prices are reasonable.

At the end of the presentation, Joan gave everyone a CD of tango music which was appreciared.



Joan During her Presentation

Joan Showing her Tango Shoes







Catnip Wine & Cocktail Bar

The Harbour Mall, in Huay Kaew Road, has been open for almost two years. Although being quite close to my apartment, and containing numerous restaurants, we have never eaten there.

Last night we decided to eat at the Catnip Wine & Cocktail Bar located in the mall.

The charming hosts were Maew & Garn, who provided pleasant service.

Maew & Garn

For a starter we shared a plate of chips and spring rolls. For the main course, I had a ham and olive pizza with anchovies, while Toy had a Thai salmon salad. Toy enjoyed his salad. The topping on the  pizza was OK, but I prefer a thinner crispy crust. For desert we shared a banana & strawberry sorbet, which was delicious.

All items were fully priced, if a little expnsive. House wine was 150 baht per glass, bur Garn did say there was no corkage on BYO wine if the food order was over 500 baht.

Ham, Olive, & Anchovy Pizza

The decor of the restaurant was pleasant and we enjoyed our meal.



Thai Salmon Salad

Banana & Strawberry Sorbet


Chips & Spring Rolls




Roger from Singapore

Roger comes from Singapore, where he lives with his wife and seven year old daughter. He is an engineer with the Singapore Discovery Centre.

. He reads my blog. You see, some people look at it!

Restaurant & Art Gallery

He was visiting Chiang Mai for Loy Krathong and suggested we have lunch. We gave him a choice of Chinese, Western, or Thai. He choose Thai.Toy selected a restaurant, that specialises in Norhern Thai food, called Hueang Jai Young. It is located on the Sankampeng Road a few kilometers past the the Promenada shopping mall. The building is set back a little from the highway and was a bit difficult to find. However after a few phone calls we eventually got there. It was obviously popular with tourists and mary cars parked there had Bangkok regstration plates.

Roger is checking Chiang Mai as a potential future retirement location.

Well we had a pleasant lunch and the food was fine. All the best to you Roger. It was great to meet face to face with a reader of my bog.

Our Lunch

Roger, Me, & my Canadian Friend Don

Toy & Roger