Dining Out Group – Franco-Thai Place


Outside the Franco-Thai Place Restaurant


Inside the Franco-Thai Place Restaurant

Last Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at an old favourite of mine, the Franco-Thai Place restaurant. Fifteen of us enjoyed the evening. It was a pleasure to see so many new faces.

It is a good value restaurant with filet steak (no doubt Thai) at 260 baht. Servings are huge and come with potatoes and salad. With potatoes the choice is gratin, mashed, or chips. The restaurant also serves chicken, pork, fondue etc.

First time visitors can experience some difficulties finding the place, as it is hidden away at the back of a small soi  behind Computer Plaza on the North West side of the moat.

Toy ordered filet steak with green pepper sauce and chips, while I ordered the filet with shallot sauce and potato gratin. Service was efficient and pleasant. Both were tender and cooked to order.

Another very pleasant Dining Out function.


Filet Steak with Gratin Potatoes


Me & Paul


Dining Out Group – Passionate Restaurant


Chilli Crab is a Speciality at Passionate

Tthe Dining Out group ate at this new Singaporean restaurant, located in Huay Kaew Road, not far from the main entrance to Chiang Mai University. A large group of 24 enjoyed the evening.Decor in the restauratant was spartan but functional.

The restaurant prides itself on fresh ingredients. The friendly proprietor Leo was a great host. He said that left over food is thrown out every day and fresh ingredients purchased at the market next day. No MSG is used in cooking.

Service was a bit slow and little chaotic, but this was understandable with such a large group and the fact that the restaurant has only been open for a month.

I ordered fried kway teok. a noodle dish with pork, which was delicious while Toy had the sweet and sour pork ribs. We shared home-made spring rolls.

We enjoyed the evening. The restaurant had a “we’ll be back” feeling



Kway Teok.


Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs


Home Made Spring Ro;;s


Part of Our Group




The Cinema


The Coffee Shop


The Waiting Area With TV


The Workshop

We bought our Toyota Vios from Toyota Lanna over twelve months ago. Two front sensors and four rear sensors were fitted. From the start we had problems with the right front sensor. We complained about it at every service. They initially changed the right to the left. While this seemed to help, the problem persisted. Lanna have eventually acknowledged the sensor is faulty and have ordered new parts from Bangkok which will be fitted next week. Hopefully the sensors will then work well!