Dining Out Group – Italics


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Last night the Dining Out Group ate at Italics restaurant in the soon to be officially opened five-star Akyra Hotel ln Nimman Soi 9. Complimentary valet parking service was available.

Let me say at the outset it was the best dining experience I’ve had here  in Chiang Mai. It was also the most expensive. Alcohol, especially wine, is over the top. Even BYO is 400 baht corkage!

I ordered Akyra Pizza and Toy ordered eye filet steak. The pizza consisted of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, bacon, blue cheese & truffle paste. The steak was Australian. Complimentary mixed bread was on the table. My thin crust pizza was simply the best that I have ever tasted. The restaurant uses a wood-fired oven. Toy’s steak, which I sampled, was superb and beautifully presented. We finished by sharing tiramisu cake.


Akyra Pizza


Filet Steak

This elegant restaurant has a very efficient and charming French lady as maitre D.The restaurant was crowded with diners.

Thanks Toy and Nop for the pics.


Paul with Cy the Food & Beverage Manager


Hang the Expense!



Tiramisu Cake


The Reflective Ceiling


One of our Tables


McGuigan Wines -Rimping Promenada

mcLast night, there was a free flow wine tastng at the Rimping Wine Bar Promenada. Wines were from the Australian winery, McGuigan. The function was held between 6pm and 8m. 500THB per person included canapés

Three whites and three reds from this award winning winery were featured. Wineries are located in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

Steve was there from CityNow! to record the event.


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Klua Donpim Restaurant

logo-trLast night we dined at Klua Donpim Thai & Kiwi restautant. It is located in The City Connect Complex in the northern area of Sanklang. Toy had spotted it while riding around on his motorbike.

It is run by an expat New Zealander, Don, his Thai wife Pim, and his sister-in-law . Naturally lamb and mussels feature prominately on the menu. Don lived part of his life at Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I ordered fish and chips while Toy ordered mussels with ginger sauce.Toy declared the mussels to be delicious. I forgot to photograph the fish until half devoured.It was however standard dory filets with a heap of chips and some salad.


Mussels with Ginger Sauce

We had a pleasant evening drinking Clilean red wine and chatting with Don and the girls. The main topic of the girls was how handsome I must have been when I was young. Well who was I to argue with that!








Travel Club – Iran


Meredith Wyse

ATT00001Not many people would choose Iran as a travel destination. Well Meredith Wyse, originally from England, but now a resident od Chiang Mai, did. Meredith graduated  in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Manchester.Currently she is the Strategic Development Manager for HelpAge International East Asia Pacific region based here in Chiang Mai.

It is not easy for the English and many other western countries to obtain a visa to enter Iran. In fact Meredith was rejected the first time she applied. As well visa costs are expensive.


Map Iran

Iran is a large country with many borders. She was on a budget tour which used cars, buses, and aircraft. She travelled extensively in the country. Ironically for an alcohol free Muslim country, the town of Shiraz,was included, where the grape variety was originally grown.

She found the people very friendly and inquisitive but well-informed.


The Blue Mosque in Tabriz

The tour included many holy sites. She travelled in April but she said she would prefer October when many of the local fruits were available.

Her presentation was rich in excellent photos and the talk was both interesting and informative.



Flag Iran


Dining Out Group – Mama’s Kitchen


Entrance to the restaurant via the Hotel

Last night a small Dining Out Group of 5 ate at Mama’s Kitchen. Mama’s Kitchen is located in The Thamna Hotel. which in turn is located in the exclusive Palm Springs moo baan in Mahidol Road. Security  is taken seriously there.


Our Group with Mama

Mama’s Kitchen serves  Indian food. The Thai lady boss moved to Pakistan with her husband, learning cooking from her mother-in-law. She is Thai and is now back in Chiang Mai.

We ordered a bottle of Australian Bandicoot estate premium selected red.


Fried Potatoes

For starters we shared fried potatoes. They bandicootwere Indian style. A bit like chips really but with indian spices. Delicious!.

Toy ordered beef curry and yellow rice while I ordered a beef & cheese naan. The naan took ages to arrive. I asked for extra cheese. Wish I hadn’t. It also contained a spice which was almost too hot. Well it was an Indian restaurant.

And, yes, Mama does the cooking , Thanks for the pics Toy and Nop.


Beef Curry


Cheese & Naan Bread


Pho’ Anh Vietnamese Restaurant


Pho Anh Vietnamese Restaurant




Restaurant Logo

This small and popular family owned Vietnamese restaurant was recommended by Paul. It is quite close to home, located at188/20 Ornsirin Business Center 2, Moo 7 Amphoe Saraphi.

We dined there last night. We shared  Pho rolls.Toy ordered a beef soup dish while I had a Vietnamese pancake. A mixed green salad was on the table and condiments were offered. Vietnamese is not my favourite cuisine, but I enjoyed the pancake. The Pho rolls were too herby for me especially in mint leaves. The house red was an acceptable Australian Camden Park. For afters we had ice-cream and taro.


Vietnamese Pancake


Toy Checking Wine Quality




 Service was welcoming and pleasant. I don’t think it’s our last time there!


Beef Pho Rolls









Toy’s Beef Dish