November Expats Meeting- Amy D’Apice – The Burma Project


A Group of Heavies at the Expats Club. The speaker Amy is in the Centre, President Nancy is on her Right.


Our Table of 2 Guys from the USA and 3 Australians

The speaker at yesterday’s Expat Club meeting was International artist and writer, Amy D’Apice. She spoke about her Burma Project in a lively multimedia presentation about art, culture, and travel. Amy shared her unique experience in Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country still largely hidden from the eyes of the world. Amy made it her mission to create one drawing a day for 27 days.


Club Sponsor O.S. Thai Visa had a Stand at the Meeting

She spoke at the Travel Club at the May meeting. Please read the blog here.

The Art of Amy D’Apice.

The Art of Amy D’Apice

The Art of Amy D’Apice

Suanpaak Hug Khun


Roadside Sign


Restaurant Logo

Another new restaurant, just up the road from us. The huge Suanpaak Hug Khun restaurant opened on 25 Nov. It is set off the road with a large car park in front.


The Broadbeach Restaurant, Gold Coast, Australia

We were greeted by Napporn Theravanish who is the managing Director of the company which also operates a restaurant at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Napporn graciously issued me with a VIP card which offers me a 10% lifetime discount off dining. Alcohol excluded!

We weren’t all that hungry but I ordered fish and chips while Toy ordered curried crab.

The fish was the standard dory fillets. The chips were stone cold and the fish was smothered in mayonnaise. Wrong choice! Other meals looked fine. The waitress replaced the chips when I complained.



A huge fresh salad was on the plate. All their organic vegetables are grown on a hydroponic farm at the rear of the restaurant. Diners are welcome to visit the farm and we will do so on a future lunch. Toy ordered  curried crab. It was a whole blue swimmer crab , cleaned, and broken into pieces. He declared it to be delicious.



Toy Takes a Selfie


VIP Dining Card


Fish & Chips


Curried Crab

Loy Krathong

krathongLoy Krathong , is a colourful festival held every year on the full moon of the twelfth month in the Thai lunar calendar.    


The Lantern Parade in Downtown Chiang Mai

This Thai Festival is held all over the country, but there are particularly beautiful celebrations held in Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, where the celebrations take place over several days.

In 2015, the full moon falls on Wednesday, 25 November 2015, but in many places (including Chiang Mai) the main celebration will be from Tuesday, November 24 to Thursday, November 26, 2015.

We celebrated Loy Krathong at home by floating our krathongs in the koi pond and drinking a bottle of Mateus Rose. People make or buy small krathong (floats) adorned with candles and flowers and float them on rivers.Traditionally krathongs are made a slice of banana trunk for a base. We cheated and bought pre-made ones using bread as a base.

Toy had decorated the house in Lanna style with candles and lanterns.

Our neighbours from across the road bought over a few komloys which were a great climax to a fun evening.


Our Driveway Decorated with Candles and a Lantern


Launching Our Krathongs




A Successful Launch


Jen, Richard, Robbie, and Me



Mr.George Bertram BodenYesterday morning at 9 am I had my second appointment with the dentist at Bangkok Hospital, in Chiang Mai. As a precaution against infection, I took 5×500 mg amoxylin tablets one hour before the procedure

Pavitra first numbed the area and then removed the temporary cover. Almost immediately she inserted the post up the root canal. An x-ray confirmed it was in the correct position. It was then cemented in place and the tooth prepared by impressions for a crown next visit.

Meena Rice Based Cuisine


Toy Outside the Open Kitchen


Prawns and Green Beans

After the Ton Yon market, we decided to have lunch, at the adjoining Meena restaurant   

We were lucky to get a table as it was very busy. The restaurant is known for it’s rice based cuisine. As well as rice berry they serve, bown, jasmine, and saffron rice.


Four Colours Rice


Anchan Flower Juice


Fried Prawns Coated with Rice

We ordered assorted dishes for sharing. As well I ordered a strawberry shake and Toy ordered an anchan flower juice.

A delicious lunch!







Strawberry Shake









Panna Cotta and Coffee





Tofu with Sunflower Sprouts






Tonyon Market


A Local Politician Rides a Bike to Draw a Cord Accross a Banner for the Official Opening


Stall Holders

This morning we went to the Tonyon Market near our house. It is only held once per year at Loy Krathong. This was only the second annual market. It was very much for the local people and featured many Thai handicrafts and Thai food. This evening krathongs will be launched in the nearby Kao river. We arrived just in time for the official opening by an important local politician.


Rice Demonstration and Thai Textiles

It adjoins the Meena restaurant where we had lunch later.

We walked around to the Kao river where they we preparing for the fair later in the evening. On the way we passed a small hydrophonic farm growing capsicums and tomatoes.



Hydrophonic Tomatoes


Hydrophonic Capsicum








Relaximg on Hay Bales at the River






Panorama of Market and Eating Area













































































Rimping Wine Tasting


Paul (Malaysia), Me, and Steve (UK)

wine1On Friday Rimping Supermarket had another wine tasting in the wine cellar of their Promenada store.

This time wine from the prestigious Chilean wine producer Viva Maipo was featured. Three reds and three whites were presented. Plentiful excellent canapes were provided.

The winery has a rich history and excellent growth performance since 1948.


The Sign Says It All

The function started at 6pm. I was feeling fairly chirpy when I left at about 8pm after an evening of great tasting wines. For B500 (A$18.20), it represented good value.







Local Lunch

12278267_1723088244588826_897696934_nThis morning, at 11.00 o’clock, I had my first appointment with the dentist. She cleaned the site ready for further treatment, and closed it again. Although she said I could eat in half an hour, I decided to play it safe by having something soft at a local restaurant.

I think the name was Wan Wan restaurant, but the crockery said Chopsticks Gallery???

I ordered spaghetti with beef sauce and a strawberry frappe while Toy ordered a seafood salad. We shared fruit salad and ice-cream.Meals were fine.Service was friendly. The restaurant was cheap and cheerful. The waitress said their speciality was pork chop.

We’ll be back, probably one evening.


Spaghetti with Beef Sauce


Strawberry Frappe


Seafood Salad


City Life Garden Party


Me Advertising TEDx at the City Life Fair


Panorama of Some of the Stalls

On Saturday the 10th Annual City Life Garden Party was held at JJ Market. This function gets larger every year. This year there were over 160 stalls Many prizes were donated by local businesses. This year the fair supported two charities; the Burma Children Medical Fund a foundation working from Mae Sot to provide complex medical treatment and surgery that is not available at local clinics or hospitals and Baan Ma Maeh School, a boarding school which educates and provides accommodations for orphaned and underprivileged children in the remote hill country of Chiang Dao.


Pim. Editor City Life Magazine

There were lots of food and drink, as well as a live auction, silent auctions, tombola etc. Toy won a stylish carry bag on the tombola.

It was a fun day and a large amount of cash was raised for the charities. Congratulations to Pim of City Life magazine, and all those who helped organize the event.

More pics can be seen here.




Broken Tooth

toothIn the last few days, of my stay in Australia, I broke a tooth. I was eating a vita-weat biscuit . When I finished chewing, I was missing a tooth. I swallowed it. Luckily it didn’t bite my bum on exit!

The tooth obviously had major repairs over the years, and had had root canal treatment. There was no pain. It broke close to the gum line, so major restoration would necessary. It happened so close to my return to Thailand, that I could not consider having it done in Australia.


Bangkok Hospital, Chiang Mai, Dentistry

In Australia it would have cost arms and legs. Maybe in Thailand it would only cost one arm and one leg! With trepidation I went along to the dental department of Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai where I spoke to two specialists. Consultation was free. Off to a good start.

The cheaper option was to put a pin in the root canal, build up the tooth and put a crown on. Estimated cost B25,000.00 (A$972). Probable life 10 years.The dearer option was a tooth implant which would involve me going off apixaban (blood thinner) and the procedure would take a couple of months. Estimated cost B75,000.00 (A$.2917)

I opted for the cheaper option. Hopefully it will see me out! My dentist is Pavitra Waikasethorn, an attractive young female. Her english is good and I have full confidence in her. My initial appointment is Thursday 19 September. The work will take three sessions.