St Florianer Choir Boys Concert

Last night I attended a concert at the E.C. Cort Auditorium at Payap University Campus in Kaew Nawarat Road.

The concert was organized by Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, and promoted by M & M Productions

It was a rare opportunity to see and listen to a unique choir from Austria with pianist and choir master Franz Farnberger.

Franz has been The Director of Music since 1983. After completing his studies in Vienna, he conducted the Vienna Boy’s Choir for eight years, while also teaching at the Anton Bruckner University.

“The St Florian Boys’ Choir can look back on almost one thousand years of history as it was founded in 1071 when the Augustinian Canons took over the Abbey in Upper Austria, 10 miles south-east of Linz, and established a school. Its full title is the Augustinerchorherrenstift St. Florian. The best known of its choir boys is the composer Anton Bruckner (1824-96) who entered the choir aged 12 and was connected with the Abbey until 1855 as pupil, choir boy, violinist, organist, composer and teacher, subsequently returning there to work during holidays and on retreat, staying in a room (the Brucknerzimmer) always kept ready for him.

Today the approximately 30 boys are admitted to the choir between ages 8 & 10 and usually stay until 14. They board at the Abbey, a magnificent baroque palace, and attend local state-run schools. At the Abbey facilities include a computer room, football field, swimming-pool and gymnasium. The boys wear a sailor-style uniform of dark blue and white, emblazoned with the choir’s red & white badge, as shown in the adjacent photo. Although the choir primarily exists to sing at the Abbey services, it also participates in opera & concert performances at Linz, Salzburg, Vienna & elsewhere & tours abroad. The Artistic Director since 1983 has been Professor Franz Farnberger, formerly a conductor for 7 years with the Vienna Boys’ Choir.”

It was a night of fine choir singing which also featured yodeling and traditional folk dancing.



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