David’s 70th Birthday


Yesterday was David’s 70 th Birthday. He celebrated the occasion by inviting a group of his friends to Le Crystal restaurant.Yes I was included!

Now this is a very posh French restaurant and we were all given strict instructions to dress proper.and behave. It is arguably one of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai. Here is our menu.


I choose the strip lion steak for my main course.

Brian from Pern’s restaurant said a few words to our guest of honour and proposed a toast to his health.

A great evening of delicious food and impecable service ended with the release of Khom loys on the lawn beside the river.

David & Me






Brian Proposing a Toast to David




My Partly Demolished Steak

Luca & Jay lanch a Komloy

Mathilda & Me


2 thoughts on “David’s 70th Birthday

  1. Thanks Bert for your nice blog about my birthday and glad everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion.
    I’m hoping others will send me pics as I was busy socialising etc so had little time to take many myself.
    Volunteers please!?
    Cheers, David