figAbout 10 km up the road from us, towards Mae On, a new project is being developed. It is called Fig a Daily. Thais don’t appreciate fresh or dried figs because they simply don’t have them in their markets. Things are changing however as the demand for fresh figs is exceeding supply. I love figs, especially fig jam, so with great interest we visited the farm.


Green Houses


Large Concrete Pots

Figs are grown in green houses, I think mainly for protection from birds and insects, in very large concrete containers. Water is reticulated to each pot and the trees grow very fast. They reach over 2 metres in six months.


4 for 100 baht

We were given free tastings of the many varieties. Yum. We also purchased 4 figs for 100 baht ( about 4A$).

We have arranged to purchase a tree for our yard, green ichau, a Japanese variety. Birds are said to be colour blind to green so I hope we don’t lose fruit to them.

I wish the project well. A coffee shop is also being developed on site, so the farm will probably become a tourist attraction.

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