Morning Walks Tuesday 11 Wednesday 12 Sep

Scratch Lottery Ticket

Despite the threat of rain on both mornings, I ventured out on my morning walk yesterday and today.

In Australia there is a TV commercial for scratch lottery tickets. It shows someone scratching a lottery ticket with a music fanfare and the voice over which says “there’s a little bit of excitement in every one:. Well, living in Chiang Mai is a bit like that “it’s a little bit exciting everyday”. I experience many of these moments on my morning walks.

Here are some examples.



Monks with their Begging Bowls

Each morning I see the ritual of monks walking the streets with their begging bowls. Technically they are not begging, but offering the opportunity for lay people to make merit by offering food (or money) for the temple  Monks receive alms without a thank you or comment, but recite a prayer or blessing. Women must be careful not to touch a monk. Monks always walk in pairs in single file, with the eldest leading. Note that they are bare-footed.

They usually walk with their heads bowed and looking devout. I try to catch their eye an say “sawadee khap” which normally brings a smile.



Restaurant Owner and Granddaughter Offering Alms

Householder Offering Alms








 I see a lady on a regular basis taking her daughter to school. We always acknowledge each other and the daughter always wais me. This simple act of respect not only gives her merit but also makes me feel great!

Security Guy at Holiday Garden Hotel

I always say hello to the jovial security guard at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Mother and Daughter

Boys at Honda Shop

The guys at the Honda motor bike shop were out the front as usual mopping the footpath and fooling around. It must be the cleanest footpath in Chiang Mai.

Family Setting up Food Stand

A three generation family were setting up a food takeaway stand out the front of their very humble abode.

The spirit house below, outside a restaurant, had been spruced up and new flowers added.




Spirit House







The Harbour Community mall is starting to take shape. Construction is well underway and they have started landscaping outside with instant trees.

Transplanted Trees








Model of The Harbour Community Mall

Instant Trees









Opening 3rd Quarter 2013!

At the multi storey mall (Maya) at the Rincome Intersection construction is up to the first floor. Despite this they are advertising opening third quarter 1913. I’m offering 10 to 1 that it won’t be ready by then!


The Pub




I called into The Pub to see Graeme to tell him I was returning to Oz for 5 weeks. I was planning to have a cup of coffee with him but he was off to the hospital for some blood tests.





I also passed Kan (the gardener at Green Hill Place) on the way back from the shop). She had obviously bough some fuk tong (pumpkin) amongst other stuff.

Walking in Chiang Mai can be a bit hazardous, especially when the footpath is used for parking motor bikes.


Motor Bike Parking











































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