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Last night the Dining Out Group ate at Italics restaurant in the soon to be officially opened five-star Akyra Hotel ln Nimman Soi 9. Complimentary valet parking service was available.

Let me say at the outset it was the best dining experience I’ve had hereĀ  in Chiang Mai. It was also the most expensive. Alcohol, especially wine, is over the top. Even BYO is 400 baht corkage!

I ordered Akyra Pizza and Toy ordered eye filet steak. The pizza consisted of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, bacon, blue cheese & truffle paste. The steak was Australian. Complimentary mixed bread was on the table. My thin crust pizza was simply the best that I have ever tasted. The restaurant uses a wood-fired oven. Toy’s steak, which I sampled, was superb and beautifully presented. We finished by sharing tiramisu cake.


Akyra Pizza


Filet Steak

This elegant restaurant has a very efficient and charming French lady as maitre D.The restaurant was crowded with diners.

Thanks Toy and Nop for the pics.


Paul with Cy the Food & Beverage Manager


Hang the Expense!



Tiramisu Cake


The Reflective Ceiling


One of our Tables


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