Toy’s Garden


Stump Feature, decorated with bromeliad, orchids, etc

Toy is very proud of his garden. He works in it every day. It is a credit to him and It is admired by friends and visitors.


Our Backyard Bower, Covered in a Passionfruit Vine with Blue Pea on the Corners

Here are some photos of the garden and nature it contains.13624432_1815433498687633_700686810_n      

A few months ago a birds nested in the garden. It was interesting to see the birds hatch and mature, then fly away.


Our Friendly Lizard

We also have a pet lizard, water dragon, I think. He (she) lives inside the waterfall and sun bakes on the top. Real five sar accommodation




















This Flower has a Strong Perfume at Night


There are Many Orchids in the Garden





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