Travel Club – Budapest

Mike Shortland

Mike Shortland was the guest speaker at last night’s meeting of the Travel Club at the Sangdee Gallery. Mike and his wife have visited Budapest on two occasions.

At the outset Mike said, that in the international sphere, Hungary punched above its weight. particularly on a high learning level.Despite only having a population of 10 million. it has produced 12 Nobel Prize Winners.

Keleti Railway Terminal

Mike said the best way to arrive in Budapest was via the beautiful Keleti railway station. Although Budapest has a good underground system and tram service, he said because of the small size of the mid-city area, and the flat terrain, the best way to explore the city was by walking.

Part of the Audience

Mike’s entertaining address was well illustrated with slides as he explained his experiences in Budapest. They attended an opera performance at the Opera House which is said to have great acoustics. They also¬† explored book stores, pubs, restaurants, coffee and pastry shops, and spas in in the city.

Apartment Door

Mike was fascinated by apartment doors, which seemed to make a statement about the occupants



The impression formed was that Budapest was an affordable destination with friendly locals.

The Danube however is more brown than blue!

An entertaining night hearing about the geography, history, and of course tourism of Budapest.


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