Holiday – Part Three

Breakfast by the Pool

Day Four

After our buffet breakfast in the restaurant by the pool, we decided to tackle the steep climb to the island view point.

The Start of the Climb

It was already hot and we had been warned that there were many steps. So with hat and sunscreen, off we went!

About Half Way

A Breather Before More Steps

About half way up we got our first glimpse of the vista to come.

The Pay Station

Eventually we reached the pay station, 20 baht (A 60 cents), but it was still a long way to the summit.

Cashew Apples on the Ground wth Nuts Attached

As we approached the top of the climb we passed through a grove of cashew nut trees. I’m not sure it it was a plantation as the trees. were spaced randomly. It almost looked as though they were self sown. Anyway the trees had cashew apples with the seed pods attached. Many had fallen to the ground.

The View Point

At last we reached the view point. I was exhausted but we were rewarded with a magnificant view. Koh Phi Phi Don is made up of two elongated islands joined together by a narrow isthmus All the development is on this narrow strip.

After our strenuous efforts we thought that a massage would be appropriate to restore our energy levels.

Squid & BarBQue Galic Mackerel

BarBQue Cobia with Sweet & Sour Sauce

And of course we ended the day with anther seafood dinner!

































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