Our Holiday – Eight


On Board Art Auction

 Our bad luck continues. We were due to berth at Nha Trang, Vietnam, today, but it was too rough to use tenders. So another day at sea…who cares! The next morning we berthed at Chan May, Vietnam. I was not supposed to disembark here but due to some beaucrastic stuff up I was given a landing pass. I expected to be shot as I walked accross the wharf but nothing dramatic happened.


LangCo Beach Resort


Reception LangCo Resort


Shuttle Bus to Resort

I only wanted to go to the souvenir shop at the end of the wharf but, we discovered shuttle bus there to the Lanco Resort 8 kms away for US $10  return eacdh. So off we went for an adventure in the drizzling rain!


Me and My Vietnamese Friend

We had a cup of Vietnamese Coffee and a walk arond the resort. Because of the inclement weather  a strong surf was running. After a while we got tired of pestering by maotor cycle taxi operators and headed back to the ship.




Our Berth at Chan May


Our Berth at Charn May

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