Our Holiday – Nine


Futuristic Hotel Towers

This morning we arrived in Sanya, Hainan Island China.This modern major tourist destination is still under development. The futuristic towers of a major hotel is near the harbour entrance and immigration facilities. It is an impressive entrance to Sanya, which has been called the Hawaii of China.

Disembarkation  for tours in Sanya was nothing short of a disgrace.


Sanya Chinese Immigration

 The ship provided only one gangway exit point .Part of the blame probably lies also  with the authorities by not allowing faster clearance.It took over one hour to disembark passengers. Immigration authorities had to inspect passports one by one.


Sanya on Your Own Bus


Toilet Facilities

We had booked a Sanya on your own tour  which included a bus to a mall in the city centre returning on a regular basis to passengers pick-up. I checked out the facileties. They were about the usual Chinese standard!



Seafood Restaurant

We had lunch at a great seafood restaurant. As usual not munch English is spoken, so ordering was by sign language.Anyway we had delicious fish, oysters, and scampi.

Obvioously Sanya attracts a lot of high end Chinese and Russian tourists. Shops were stocked with leading retail brands and a lot of shop advertising was in the Russian language.



Scampi and FIish




The Beach at Sanya

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