Our Holiday – Ten


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Departing Sanya

Internet on the ship was very expensive. Depending on the whims of the satellite it was sometimes unreliable or painfully slow. All in all a frustrating experience.


Sunset from the Wharf

We returned to the ship after our bus trip to Sanya and had a snooze. We sail for Hong Kong tonight so it will be our last day at sea. To celebrate the occasion we watched the sun set from the Topsiders’ Bar. Toy discovered a new drink….Angry Birds Cider.


Gatsby’s Bar

We had our last drink in Gatsby’s Bar and had dinner in the Dining Room.


Hong Kong Harbour


A Wheel Chair Was Available

In the morning…there was Hong Kong. Disembarkation went smoothly. Our luggage, which we had put outside our cabin door the previous evening, was waiting for us in the customs area.This time a wheel chair was waiting for me!


The Regal Kowloon Hotel


The Business Lounge

We caught a taxi to our hotel,the Regal Kowloon, and checked in.We were offered a room upgrade package which included a Happy Hour for three hours every evening and a cooked breakfast in the Business Lounge each day. We accepted the offer.


Hotel Room

The hotel room was very comfortable indeed


Angry Birds Cider

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