The Gate Theatre – Space

Last night I attended  Gate Theatre‘s latest presentation of the one man show Space.

The show was created and performed by Timothy Mann. Read an interview with him here.

Gate Theatre Notes

Timothy Mann During the Performance

What is SPACE? This infinite question is answered through a trans-dimensional psychic, an army general, a science professor and many more characters in this “fantastically energetic, hilariously clever and completely ridiculous” one-man performance.

No props, no set, no costume changes.
Just one man, his stage and his audience.

Lone performer Timothy Mann tells “a wild and imaginative story” set around the ever-changing meaning of the word ‘space’, “just using his remarkable talent for characterisation”. He plays a dozen characters, each one unique in body and voice – each one a living, breathing person. Mann is “constantly on the move, improvising and interacting with his audience” and as he switches characters seamlessly in the blink of an eye, the mind-bending narrative twists and turns towards its Earth-shattering finale and “secret improvised encore” (which must be seen to be believed.)

Some People Enjoyed the Show

Personally, I did not enjoy the show. It was a type of comedy I could not understand. In fact, I found some of the sketches quite stupid. The show might be “internationally acclaimed” but I was not impressed. It was disappointing for me because I have always been impressed by the high standard of Gate Theatre productions. Well, as they say, you can’t win them all!

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