Chiang Mai is well served by its hospitals. The Thai caring nature is nowhere more evident than in hospitals. Leading hospitals have private patient rooms with facilities including a basic kitchen. All rooms contain a couch where relatives are encouraged to sleep the night in the same room as the patient. Visitors, even in ICU are considered an integral part of the recovery process. Chiang Mai Ram Hospital The doctors I attend are located within the Chiang Mai Ram hospital. It is part of the the Ramkhamhaeng Group one of Thailand’s largest and most respected hospital groups and has the resources, experience and expertise to provide international quality health care at competitive prices.  Chiang Mai Ramis a private hospital with state-of-the art facilities. It has good English speaking specialists and is of a high standard with international accreditation. On two occasions I have been hospitalised there, including ICU. The treatment received was outstanding. Contact details:

My doctors are

I have confidence in all of them to provide professional health care.